Anyone who wants to co-invest together with professionals and is looking for a property developer which transparently involves investors in each stage of the project from start to finish, who wants to decide for themselves which projects to get involved in, will find the right partner in 6B47.

Our history began in 2009. Following the bankruptcy of Lehman brothers, investors rightly demanded greater transparency and security with regard to investments and property developments. We recognised this need and created such a company in the form of 6B47. We take an integrated approach to the areas of property financing and project development, rather than dealing with them as separate entities. From project conception to project implementation and utilisation, we take care of all aspects of a property ourselves and involve our investors in each and every phase.

Behind this is our philosophy of implementing projects that befit the spirit of the age, that take urban development into account and in doing so achieve attractive long-term returns for both our partners and 6B47.

Now, in 2016, we are an established property developer with offices in Vienna, Düsseldorf and Warsaw, and increased our development volume to over EUR 1.3 billion. We are pleased to report that the employees and partners who were there at the beginning of 6B47 are still on board in 2016.

The Name

The name 6B47 (pronounced “six be-fore seven”) has its origins in numerology and the meaning of individual numbers. Thus the 6 refers to the decision and the 7 to the deed. 6B47 therefore means “the decision comes before the deed”. Reason as the premise of our actions is the background to this. We closely observe demographic developments, social trends, usage requirements and the potential of possible properties. When we have found an attractive property that meets our investment criteria, we take a positive project decision which we then implement.