Construction of Silesia Outlet is getting higher

The largest Silesia outlet sale center in Upper Silesia is developing in Gliwice. The works are proceeding according to the schedule. At the turn of August and September, the building shell will be completed.

The Silesia Outlet Center is implemented in two stages. Opening of the first phase with an area of 12,000 sqm. GLA with 70 stores is scheduled for spring 2019. The second phase includes over 50 stores with a total area of 8,000. sqm. GLA. The investor of Silesia Outlet is 6B47 Poland, a company from the group 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG.

Since December 2017 has been seen in the construction of Silesia Outlet significant progress. The entire reinforced concrete structure is ready, the foundation layers have been made under the building's floor and the sewage system. In 70 percent. bricklaying has already been carried out, currently the assembly of the steel roof structure with the coating layers is under way. The general contractor is already building external walls. The works planned for the near future aim to ensure that at the turn of August and September the building has reached the raw state and found itself under the roof - says Krzysztof Bębacz, Project Manager at BOIG, responsible for the construction and finishing of the Silesia Outlet. The general contractor is Erbud SA, the financing of the project was provided by Bank Zachodni WBK SA.

The commercialization level of Silesia Outlet reached 70 %. Another 10 % contracts are already agreed. The last few units of store space for rent have been left. Preparations for the second stage of the investment will soon start. BOIG Property Consulting is responsible for the commercialization.

Silesia Outlet will feature stores of Vistula and Wólczanka, Kubenz, Bruno Zinger, Lavard, Lancerto, Lee Cooper, Wrangler, Cross Jeans, Pepe Jeans, Diverse, Bagatelle, 4F, Martes Sport, Puma, Reebok, Adidas and New Balance, Guess, Kazar, Umbro and Pierre Cardin with the offer of Bugatti and Milestone, Venezia, Unisono, Trespass, Volcano, Symbiosis, Molton, Brand Collection and Apart. The service sector will be represented, among others through restaurants Olimp and Mia Pizza, Lodit Lovit Manufaktura, Sun-Way Travel travel agency, Tabak press lounge, service point for 4Tel mobile phones, Lotto salon, Amora perfumery and Soczekwki24 and Paris Optique optics.

The largest outlet center in Upper Silesia is distinguished by its excellent location in Gliwice, just along the motorway A4. About 6.5 million customers live in the immediate reach zone, and the existing two retail park facilities, the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center and Leroy Merlin, are visited by about 4.5 million people each year. Silesia Outlet and Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center will combine the so-called soft connection to create a commercial complex and share footfall with each other.

6B47 POLAND is a company focusing on projects in major Polish cities and agglomerations. It belongs to the group 6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, currently developing and implementing projects in the real estate sector with a total investment value exceeding one billion euros.

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