Silesia Outlet – the construction works are gathering pace

The progress of construction works of the Silesia Outlet outlet center with each month are becoming increasingly visible.

Nine months after the start of construction operations, the roofing together with its shell is becomming the final shape. In addition, you can notice intense installation work. Autumn will be the beginning of finishing works. We planned the opening of the first phase in the spring of 2019. The largest outlet center in Upper Silesia is being built in Gliwice in Upper Silesia.
The outlet will create a shopping complex with the already existing Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center and the Leroy Merlin DIY store. The attractiveness of the Silesia Center Outlet will be additionally influenced by a passage with a membrane roof allowing free movement between facilities for both Silesia Outlet customers and the Auchan Gliwice Shopping Center. Permission for the construction of the switch was received by the investor in September 2018.

The general contractor of the investment is one of the leading construction groups in Poland - Erbud SA. We have already completed all reinforced concrete and masonry works, steel structure, roof and building shell without finishing layer.

In the near future, inside the facility we will continued the construction of walls separating units, assembled the site, we will also continue to carry out sanitary and electrical installations. In autumn and winter, we are waiting for finishing works on the facade of the building, laying the surface of parking lots and roads as well as finishing works inside the building in the social part, generally accessible and on the passages. During this period, tenants will continue their arrangement works in their units. Around the building, in addition to the mentioned roads and parking lots, we will also arrange greenery.


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